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Motorcycle Riding in Japan. Ride with Rental819

Motorcycle riding in Japan - rentals and tours

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Japan's motorcycle rental giant Rental819. As we continue to grow the rental network in the USA, we continue to look ahead and expand internationally to offer our riders rentals and tours in other countries. Rental819 and Moto Tours Japan make it possible to rent a variety of bikes for day trips or extended travel through the island nation.


Visiting Japan is an experience even non-riders consider to be one of the highlights of a lifetime. With its exotic lands filled with natural beauty and ancient traditions going thousands of years deep, Japan has a lot to offer for motorcycle tours.. Coastal and mountain riding with numerous switchbacks is an absolute treat for everyone who wants to get a bit more variety in elevations and scenery along the routes.

Easily topping riding in the Canadian Rockies and Colorado mountains, motorcycle rentals and tours in Japan through our partner Rental819 should absolutely be on your bucket list.


One of the best ways to experience a new country is by having experienced tour planners build the routes that are worth exploring. Tours in Japan include route guides and maps, motorcycle rental of your choice, overnight hotel accommodations, and insurance coverage. You'll receive suggested activities and dining options to make each day packed not only with great riding, but quality relaxing time as well.  

Symbol of Japan’s Tour Narita

Spend 5 days exploring the best that Japan has to offer. Ride through wasabi fields and coastal roads, relax in the hot springs, and see Japan's tallest peak Mount Fuji up close. 

Japans Bikers Mecca Hokkaido

Ride through the island of Hokkaido through the vast green fields, long coastal stretches, mountain passes, and several National Parks. many riders consider this to be one of the best rides in Japan. 


Japans Last Treasure Shikoku

This rare tour takes you on the quest through the ancient traditions of Japan. Stop at castles aging hundreds of years back enjoy and the views of the Pacific Ocean that can easily challenge the beauty of California's shoreline. 

The Hot Spring Paradise Tour

Packed with the best coastal and mountain riding paired with some of the most untouched and isolated regions and volcanic areas, this tour is a perfect combination of riding and cultural study of the Japanese tradition. 


Minimalist approach to packing for a motorcycle trip

Rental819 has 137 locations throughout Japan. We picked a handful of rental locations to highlight, specifically because these offer English speaking translators. You can rent motorcycles for 4 hours minimum for a half-day ride or book full days for longer trips.

From over a hundred rental locations in Japan, we picked a few that will be great starting points for anyone flying in from other parts of the world: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mt. Fuji, Sendai, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Sapporo.

For more details on rental and touring costs, insurance, and gear you can rent out for your trips, please visit Rental819 website.

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