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30 Best 3-5 Day Rides in the USA

Enter the world of 3-4-day trip on rental motorcycles. Here is our list of top 30 extended weekend rides that you can do by simply taking a few extra days off.

You know these riders. They spend months riding from one corner of the world to another, gliding through thousands of miles each month, experiencing the best of the world on a motorcycle.

Most of us are not like that. We can dream of one day taking these long trips, selling off the goods piling up in our garage, and going on an adventure spreading for weeks and months.

The reality is a bit different. We often can hardly get away for the weekend. So what can we do to satisfy our thirst for the open road and a revving engine?

Enter the world of 3-4-day trip on rental motorcycles. Here is our list of top 30 extended weekend rides that you can do by simply taking a few extra days off.

EagleRider has hundreds of locations in the USA, so it’s very convenient to fly into the city you want to visit and ride around. Some of these routes can also be turned into one-way trips, which is also an option for any of our rentals.

It’s simple: pick up in one city, drop off in another, and fly home full of memories.

The first day on most trips will usually be the travel day. For example, if we’re getting to Portland from Los Angeles, the first day will be our midday or evening flight to the new city. For you, this may be a Thursday or Friday ahead of a fun weekend of riding.

Most of these routes are under 600 miles, making these into comfortable 200-mile days of riding. You can easily add an extra day to these and go a little further. And your trip can easily begin to look like this ride we’ve done in Utah.

For each region there is a dedicated guide to local rides that we’ll start putting out, with Arizona and Florida guides already posted.

This list of 30 weekend ride ideas is meant to get you started on trip planning.

If you want us to build you the routes, book rentals and hotels, and possibly even turn your trip into a ride with 5+ friends (our group travel offering).

30 weekend ride ideas for a motorcycle vacation:

  1. Pick up in Los Angeles or San Francisco and ride on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)
  2. Pick up in Las Vegas and do day rides to Valley of Fire, Death Valley, Oatman, and a few other great places nearby
  3. Pick up in Phoenix or Flagstaff and ride to Sedona or Grand Canyon, or HWY 191
  4. Pick up in Miami  and ride down to the Keys
  5. Pick up in San Francisco and ride around Northern California, Napa, Redwoods, and the coast or head east to ride the Tioga Pass in Yosemite National Park
  6. Pick up in Seattle or Portland and ride the Olympic peninsula, Mount Rainier National Park, and more
  7. Pick up in Palm Springs and ride Joshua Tree National park, visit Pioneertown, Amboy, and Twentynine Palms
  8. Pick up in Salt Lake City and head down to Capitol Reef National Park, Monument Valley, Moab and HWY 128, and more
  9. Pick up in Denver or Rapid City and ride up to the Black Hills to cruise through amazing highways in Custer State Park, Badlands National Park, and others
  10. Pick up in New York City and head to the Lakes region
  11. Pick up in New Orleans and ride Natchez Trace Parkway
  12. Pick up in Atlanta and ride Cherohala Skyway and Tail of the Dragon
  13. Pick up in Washington DC and ride the Blue Ridge Parkway
  14. Pick up in New York and ride The Catskills
  15. Pick up in Boston and ride the Green Mountain Highway or Acadia National park
  16. Pick up in Milwaukee or Minneapolis and ride the Great River Road
  17. Pick up in Fort Smith and ride The Pig Trail
  18. Pick up in Austin or Dallas and ride The Twisted Sisters
  19. Pick up in Phoenix and ride HWY 191 or the Silver City Loop
  20. Pick up in Denver and ride the San Juan Skyway or Rocky Mountains National Park
  21. Pick up in Flagstaff and ride Bicentennial Highway
  22. Pick up in Las Vegas and ride in Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, and Highway 12
  23. Pick up in Billings and ride Beartooth Highway, Chief Joseph Pass, Bighorn Mountains, or Yellowstone National Park
  24. Pick up in Portland and ride the Lolo Pass or the Hells Canyon (lots of amazing riding in available in Oregon, but you’ll need extra days to ride)
  25. Pick up in Seattle and ride in North Cascades National Park and more of PNW
  26. Pick up in Missoula and ride in Glacier National Park and HWY 37
  27. Pick up in Albuquerque and ride to Santa Fe, Taos, and through the Apache land or Historic Route 66
  28. Pick up in San Diego and ride to Julian and Salton Sea through Sunrise Highway
  29. Pick up in Los Angeles or San Diego and ride in northern Mexico or down to Cabo
  30. Pick up in Los Angeles and go camping in Trona Pinnacles, Alabama Hills, and Mammoth Lakes

If this list gets you inspired and excited to ride more, see our ride diaries on the blog to see the trip journals from the rides we mentioned here.

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